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Online Bill Pay 

We now offer online bill payments through the third party system, Pay N Seconds. It does charge an extra 2-4% on all credit transactions. This fee is applied exclusively to Pay N Seconds. Payments made through Pay N seconds may take 24-72 hours to post to your account. There will be an option to receive your receipt through text message, or email. If the site is down, we can also process payments for Pay N Seconds over the phone at The Wilton Town hall. The 2-4% will still apply. You can receive email notifications of new bills, as well as set up autopay through Pay N Seconds.  

New Users

New users must create an account to access the payment portal.

It will require your Customer Account number, 4 digit pin as listed on your bill, a password, and an email.

 Please follow this link to to set up your account. 

If you are having trouble with your account, you can contact Pay N Seconds 1-800-353-9130. 

New Customers

We provide water, gas, and garbage services. Gas & garbage are ONLY provided to residents that reside within the town limits. 

If your water is disconnected for NON PAYMENT this does not constitute as an emergency. 

Cut offs are done on the last Wednesday of the month. There is a $50.00 reconnection fee. Late charges are applied on the 15th of every month. 

$1,500.00 Tap Fee 

$2,000.00 Tap Fee 1" Meter

$1000.00 Hydrant Meter Deposit 

$2,500.00 Tap Fee 2" Meter

Bore Fee $1,200.00

Deposit: $125.00 (Renter)

$75.00 (Homeowner)

Water connection fee: $25.00

Available inside town limits only

Garbage: $21.50 for one, +$12.00 for a second 

 Gas Deposit: $250.00

Gas connection fee: $25.00  

Fire/Ems dues: $4.50 

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