Pay your bill online

Please note there is a $2.50 convenience charge for paying online.  

Go to 

Select Town of Wilton from the menu.  You will need your account number or customer number. You will also need to know the amount owed. We are notified via email of your payment instantly.  If you have any questions contact Town Hall at 205-665-2021

*Please note that if you come into the Town Hall to pay your bill online I will be using the exact same website and you will still be charged the fee.  We currently do not have a credit/debit card machine to process payment.

*Notice to public- Sometimes water will be turned off without notice for repairs.  We will make effort to notify if the repair is planned by placing signs in the affected areas.  Please understand that emergencies happen and in those situations it is not possible to provide notice.  We also post notices on Facebook to notify public. 


New C​ustomers

We provide water, gas & garbage services.  Gas & garbage are only provided to residents that reside within the city limits of Wilton.  

If your water is disconnected for NON PAYMENT this does not constitute an Emergency!

There is a 3:00 P.M. CUT ON time. If you arrive after that you water WILL NOT be turned back on until the next business day.  Cut offs are done at random. You must be 10 days past due and have a balance over $25.00 to be eligible for disconnection. There is a $50.00 *subject to increase* re-connection fee added to any account that has been disconnected for non- payment.

Late charges are assessed on the 15th day of each month. 

Renting to own is considered as renter. Connection fees are added even if water is already on. Fees are due immediately and will not be billed- no exceptions.

*Please note these prices are subject to change at any time.

$1,500.00 Tap Fee               Bore Fee $1,200.00

Deposit: $125.00 (Renter)       $75.00 (Homeowner)

Water connection fee: $25.00       Fire/Ems dues: $4.50 (Inside only)

Available inside city limits only

Garbage: $13.80    Gas Deposit: $250.00

Gas connection fee: 25.00